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If you are looking for a place to worship, join us at Praise Center. If you are looking for a ministry to grow with, join us at Praise Center. If you are looking for a place that ministers to the entire family, join us at Praise Center. You will never be the same in Jesus' name!

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Praise Center was launched with 31 Days of Prayer in 2014! Prayer has been a staple since the beginning.

The Bible declares “the effective fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” Truly, we’re still here because prayer and praise has been a priority at Praise Center. Click the button below to see how it all started at Praise Center Church.
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All are welcome to join us as we dive into six (6) Lessons on A Better Way Giving Series by E. G. “Jay” Link of Stewardship Ministries. In this exciting series, we are going to examine six powerful New Testament giving characteristics to help us frame a solid, biblical basis for our personal giving. Too often, believers have been taught that the amount of their giving is determined by a mathematical formula and is an obligation they are required to pay. Clean and simple; not much thought; little needed interaction with God. The New Testament, on the contrary, paints a radically different giving picture for us. And admittedly, it is NOT clean or simple. It requires lots of thought and continuous interaction with God.
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