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“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship,
to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”

Acts 2:42

Pray 2015 - 31 Days of PrayerSince the beginning of Praise Center Church Of God in Christ in late 2014, prayer has been an essential part of the ministry.  We launched the ministry in 2014 with 31 Days of Prayer as we prayed for Excellence in Ministry, Guidance, Success and Favor.  We ended 2015 with 31 Days of Prayer as we prepared to “Move Forward” and God was faithful to every request!  We ended 2016 with Pray 2016: 31 Days of Prayer as we prepared for a “Breakthrough” and God continued to be true to His Word.  We ended 2017 with Pray 2017: 31 Days of Prayer and God granted us GREATER.  As we continue in “Greater” in 2019, THE SHIFT has begun and we will enter 2019 on our knees. NOW is the time for results because our labor has not be in vain.  Again, it is our endeavor to not only pray in the new year, but to prepare Praise Center Church Of God In Christ for the mission that God has given us through 31 Days of Prayer.

Starting December 1, 2018, the Praise Center Church Of God In Christ family will be praying daily and would like for you to join us.  Follow us daily as we release the prayer and scriptural focus for the day.

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